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About ME

An Author and a poetess

I am a 13 year old best child poetess and a child author residing in Bangalore, India. I am a girl of many interests and talents, with a passion to heal and connect the world through her wise words and talents. My book is titled ‘Tween Twilight: A Symphony of Poems’, which I wrote at the young ages of eleven and twelve and published on 17th March 2021, which became a bestselling poetry book in India on Amazon Kindle the same year. I also run a blog called ‘Vapours of Veruschka’ for two years now, where I upload some more poems, my personal thoughts and experiences and poetry analysis. It’s something I engage in during my free time, apart from other hobbies.

"Words have the power to create or destroy. They are like a bilateral coin, they hold omnipotent force to create or destroy a soul. Using words to heal is my passion"

- Veruschka Pandey

Other Books

Into The Wild

Tales of Castle Black

Game Of Spades

The Curious Case Of Paris

Latest Release

Tween Twilight

A Symphony of Poems
This is a perspective and life changing anthology of 30 poems written by a 12 year old (Veruschka Pandey) about her thoughts and experiences, spread across diverse subjects that accumulated over different experiences in her life.

"This book received a foreword from Kiran-Mazumdar-Shaw, CMD of Biocon Limited and Dr. K. P Gopalkrishna, Chairman of TISB and NPS Institutions. ."
Veruschka Pandey
A Symphony of Poems

Tween Twilight

These are sensitively-woven thoughts with a message to embolden people to realize the allurement of glowing in the dark, and proliferate the message and address the message of poverty, ableism, body image, nature conservation, racism, the pressure of social media, COVID superheroes.  It is all a culmination of humanitarian poems written by Veruschka at the age of eleven and twelve.


A poetic awakening

The saying ‘pen is mightier than the sword’ suits Veruschka Pandey, the tween daughter of IAS officer Pankaj Kumar Pandey who published her first anthology.

Poem Of The Month

Home is not a location; it is a profound feeling A feeling which, in gruesome times, assists you in healing A home is your treasure chest; it is full of precious possessions and memories.


Veruschka, Grade 6, is a budding writer and poet and after sending in samples of her work she has been featured in the Deccan Herald.

Bengaluru school girl pens poem as an ode to fathers

Bengaluru school girl veruschka pandey from the international school, bangalore, who is the daughter of pankaj pandey, seems to be quiet the writer is making.

By Veruschka Pandey, Class 6,

Always they would come to me to criticize To tell me I have bad hair, or that my nose is the wrong size The pain I bore for years The pain was harsh and fierce I almost mustered up my courage to protest,

Choose your battles wisely

Caught between the ultimate self-identity crisis and society, Veruschka Pandey tells teenagers to refrain from falling into the usual stereotype traps and instead stay true to themselves I have a propensity to become sad easily.

The age of social media

Whether or not we repudiate it, our mind is constantly judging. We have unconsciously put things into two categories, good and bad. “The mind is the unlimited reservoir of creativity” is quite true, 


Poem: Life After COVID-19

2020 is a tragic year. This year mortality dawned upon us and we resided in fear, Millions shed precious tears, Due to the heart-tugging loss of their dears.

To salute the COVID warriors.

Columbia Asia Hospitals Organises Jam Session with Veruschka Pandey and Ashish Dubey to salute the COVID heroes. 

To salute the COVID-19 warriors

To salute the COVID-19 warriors, Columbia Asia Hospitals joined hands with Veruschka Pandey and Ashish Dubey to organise an exclusive jam session. This music therapy was organised over Zoom online communication platform.

Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, chairperson of Biocon, reciting Veruschka’s poetry

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